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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 5, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we need the rain. we'll take the rain, boy, it is going to be slow going. >> it is. low visibility with the heavy rain. take your time out there. we don't want to see any accidents out there this morning, that's for sure. >> storm team 4 radar showing shower ri weather moving into d.c. heaviest of the rain is in washington. up towards blu-ray, rappahanock county. that's the place we're most concerned about flooding perspective. look at the big push of moisture from 9:00 to 12:00. the heavy, stead ri rain will be gone this afternoon but any isolated thunderstorms developing could have a heavy rain threat. this morning it's here from now until lunchtime. will it be bad st
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>> some bad stuff on the roadways with the reheavy rain. heavy rain by 7:00 a.m. not looking like an easy skmut. temperatures around 60 degrees. we will be seeing improvements. by 5:00 p.m., thunderstorms possible in the 70s. here is that line that we're watching as we get closer to 8:00. showers and storms and it could be here by 8:00 a.m. >> the rain falling all over our area roads. 95 north at quantico. crash still on the right side of the roadway. inner loop and outer loop, no big
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66 and 95. southbound 27 after frederick road, left lane getting by the downed tree. want to mention something up in the gaithersburg area. went to my alma mater. ghoshen elementary. got to read to them for read aloud day. hi to everybody. they're all watching this morning. >> from the radar to the roads, molette green. >> southbound 95 through woodbridge. how is it looking? >> reporter: that's right. we're approaching the manassas/dumfries exit. coming down pretty steady and heavy. windshield wipers are going to get quite a workout. it's dark still out here to see even the dividing lines
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separating the lanes here in the roadway. you're going to have to take your time. you're going to have to give yourself extra time to get out the door as soon as you can driving this morning. staying along the loads on the commute all through the morning. back to you. >> molette, thank you. if you haven't downloaded our nbc washington app, this is the time to do it. you can get alerts on when the rain is going to arrive in your neighborhood. you can make weather your home page. >> happening today, a delaware state trooper will be laid to rest. corporal ballard was shot to death after he confronted two suspects. ballard was 32 years old and leaves behind a wife and 5-year-old daughter. he was from bowie, maryland. we're learning about the passing of richard pennington. he started his law enforcement career here in washington. he worked his way
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assistant chief of the d.c. police department. after serving our community he moved to new orleans and atlanta. he suffered a stroke in 2010. he was 69 years old. working to learn how much damage a fire caused overnight. we do know a firefighter was hurt. erika gonzalez reporting on that. >> the images are incredible. everybody made it out okay. as a result of this fire the red cross is now assisting seven family members. this is the scene last night in the city of manassas. on the 9300 block of nash drive. firefighters trying to do everything they can to put the fire out. we are not hearing that their injuries are life threatening. that is good news. looks like they're going to make a full rery
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the cause of the fire still under investigation. from the live desk i'm erika gonzalez, back to you. 5:05. congress asking the department of justice to investigate the racist incident at american university. it appeared to target the student government's president and her sorority alpha kappa alpha. members of congress held a news conference demanding action. the sorority's international president said the message is clear and cruel. >> this was a hate crime. the intentions were clear. we understand symbolism. >> the fbi is also investigating this incident and we want you to take another look at the person police believe is responsible for the hate crime. this is in the nbc washington app. the suspect wore all block and co
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there is a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. new reaction from the university of maryland. a noose was found inside the kitchen at the fbi kappa tau house. members are shocked and appalled and can't imagine why someone would do it. university police are investigating. people who live in alexandria will soon have to pay more in taxes. they adopted a new budget that raises the local property tax 5.7 cents and races water fees. that's $700 more a year for the average homeowner. >> i'm not the wealthiest person in alexandria but raise our taxes so we have affordable housing. >> i feel it is too much and that we had enough options that were presented to us that we
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course. >> the votes passed 6-1. mayor was the only no vote. average property taxes will increase by $356. the rest will come from fees. increasing by $350 per year. the council says the money is needed to help over crowded schools, and the metro. 5:07 now. republicans are claiming a win after the first step in the repeal of the affordable care act passed in the house. this of course comes after seven years of gop opposition. it is president trump's first major legislative win. the gop win was able to pull out just enough votes with 217 to 213. that victory could be short lived. coming up news 4's edward law rinse will break down what
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play every game at home like this. >> the washington wizards are on the board in the eastern conference semifinal series. >> home court advantage sure seemed to help when they crushed the celtics last night. they play on sunday. john wall keeps showing off his star power. you might be hearing about kelly aubrey jr. he was pushed over and then charged. received a flagrant foul call and was ejected from the game. there are a whole lot of sports to watch this weekend. you can watch the action on the nbc 4 app. isn't that convenient? we're going to live stream the caps game and the kentucky derby. click on watch live tv now. >> you know what else is on the app? storm team 4
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>> we're going to watch chuck belle. >> if you're wondering what horse i'm betting on, 20 to 1, thunder snow. baseball keter this evening? a little iffy from the nationals and phillies. we are nearing the end of news 4's sugar free week. the past few days have raised a lot of questions. we talk to ainu trigsist. we'll break down some of the things you've all been wondering. an irs scam is
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welcome back. if you are just waking up take a look at what you are likely to face if you are just leaving for work. this is the scene right now. >> with the rain heading our way, we're still keeping an eye on the midwest. widespread flooding. entire communities under water. storms in the midwest blamed for several deaths. thousands of people had to evacuate their homes. >> sheena parveen standing by
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last. >> good morning. through the entire morning commute. like we've been saying, we've been seeing the heavy rain. the roads are already wet. take your time. locally we already have the rain around. zoom in on that. looking at the heavy rain down to our south and west. very clear. looking at it for the next few hours. heavy rain around the area. melissa tells me we have three new problems there, melissa. >> they just popped up. three new issues on the beltway. inner loop at 7, crash at the pike. outer loop after old georgetown road. inner loop at 201. >> melissa, thank you. 5:13. covering prince george's county, police trying to solve a murder. someone found the man
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wood in berwyn heights. they canvassed the area. people we talked to couldn't believe the body was found so close to their homes. both the wizards and the caps are playing at the verizon center this weekend. it will be a busy time. make sure that you use public transportation. we have an irs scam to warp you about. a woman received a call saying they owed money and they warned if she hung up an arrest warrant would be automatically issued. the irs says they will never contact you to collect taxes and the irs will not ask for payment
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like that. a family's daughter is alive. the teen was attempting to commit suicide. she was trying to stream it on facebook. police found the girl unconscious. this comes during the same way that facebook ceo mark zuckerberg announced the hiring of 3,000 live monitors to look out for harmful content. >> 15 after the hour. they have 36 olympics between them. phelps and schmidt were in d.c. being honored by the mental health children's foundation. she told us a conversation she had wh
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point. >> mental illness is something you deal with every day. just because you're feeling better one day doesn't mean it's gone. doesn't mean you're healed. it's an invisible disease. >> i've had a great journey and great past. i've found myself in a couple of states of depression. for me it took me a while to realize it's okay to ask for help. >> we had several mental health experts, families, people who dealt with mental health issues join us for a series of discussions last night. that will be posted online pretty soon here. >> that's what's so important to keep the conversations open. it's been a long, long week around these parts. we are coming to a close in our week long sugar free challenge. >> you're still smiling. >> preparing to cut down on artificial and added sugars came with a whole lot of questions. going sugar free or reducing your s
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lot of questions. >> we invited dr. taylor wallace to join us. >> thanks for having me. >> one of the big questions was about naturally occurring sugars and added sugars. the sugars in fruits and vegetables versus processed sugars. >> first of all, what everyone needs to recognize is whether it's a natural sugar or added sugar, your body prosets it in the same way. are natural sugars better for you? yes. from whole foods like fruits and vegetables, when with you consume an apple your body has to digest it and break it down. when it comes to added sugars it hits your system all at once. >> so what about carbs? how do they convert to sugar? i've been thinking about eating bread. what's the science on this? >>
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look at the food label. it's not necessarily about sugar but total carbohydrates. whole grains have a lot larger carbohydrates and so your body has a hard time breaking those down. whole grain is good. white rye, white bread, not so good. >> i have to ask a quick question before i go. what about wine? five ounces has 1.2, i did the research, it's going to be happy hour soon. can i drink wine on a reduced sugar diet? >> absolutely. there are a lot of wine products out there. most of the time you have to go for your dryer wines, cabernet. you can have one glass a day. >> the answer i wanted to hear! >> dr. wallace from george mason
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university, we appreciate you joining us. he'll be back in the 6:00 hour. tweet us with #sugarfree and #nbc4dc. >> picture it, a sandwich with eggs, back con and a calf fep nated bagel. >> too much carbohydrates. it's called espresso buzz bagel. 32 milligrams of caffeine. einstein decided to launch its bagel. anyone visiting the shop will receive a free espresso buzz bagel. i'm going to stick to regular bagels and have coffee with my bagels. >> you can't have one -- >> only worth 1/3 of a cup. you need three of them. >> some people don't like
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>> and all the carbs. >> exactly. we have a crazy, rainy morning coming our way for your friday. be ready to grab the big bumper chute. it will be wet all over the area, breezy. it is going to turn chilly and cold by may standards. 61 with the rain drops coming into town. 58 in manassas. 58 in mart continuesburg. heaviest and steadiest between now and sunshine. after noon the steady rain will be gone. likelihood of afternoon thunderstorms coming around. stay weather alert. have your nbc washington app ready to go. low pressure well down to our south throwing a huge wave of moisture. look at that line of rain coming out of raleigh. that'sll
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so away from here. already raining out there. if you are flying today, have a flight out before 11:00, you may want to give your carrier a call. future weather with a huge surge of rain into the d.c. area between 8:00, 9:00. after that taper back to occasional showers. might see a sliver or two of sunshine. 2:00, there's the opportunity for stronger thunderstorms between 2:00 and 5:00. low 60s tomorrow. a lot of clouds on sunday morning. clouds and sunshine monday morning. tuesday morning, melissa, you might have to worry about some frost in the shenandoah valley. >> what in the world? keep the long sleeve dresses handy. three issues still happening here on the beltway.
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inner loop at 7 report of a crash. outer loop after old georgetown road two lanes blocked by a crash and inner loop at kennilworth avenue. >> 95 at quantico, crash on the side of the road. you can see the delay in bound before quantico. a trusted soccer coach accused of a buzing one of the kids on his team. why they believe there could be other victims. uber under fire and under investigation. a lot of people in our area depend on them. don't forget ellen deegnen
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you stories of super kids and their incredible talents. you're going to be pretty amazed by this next boy's talent. >> he's 12 years old. not only did he teach himself but he did it while over coming a disability. aimee cho has this story. >> reporter: when jose montana starts to perform, it's music to anyone's ears. but to truly appreciate his piano playing prowess, you have to consider he's doing it from an uneven playing field. you see, jose was born blind. >> with my ears listened to music and then memorized it. >> reporter: that's all it takes for him to master a piece. he's had a few lessons, but for the most part this piano prodigy is self-taught. >> i can feel my music with my heart. that's why it's
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it's more of my heart. >> reporter: that music in his heart is why he hopes to one day become a piano teacher. >> i think i have to feel the music. you have to love each other and share with others. >> reporter: at just 12 he's already figured out the key to success. in northwest, aimee cho, news 4. and coming up in just a bit we're tracking heavy rain for you for the morning drive. raight aheadst
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if yit's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk.
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bags. news 4 coverage. a lot of rape on the radar. it will be here through your morning commute. >> out on the roads to show you what you're in for and why you should leave yourself extra time. new this morning, uber investigation. why the justice department is taking a closer look at the ride sharing service. and too much parking? it may not sound possible in parts of our area but we'll tell you why one city is cutting back on the number of spaces. "news 4 today" starts now. . good friday morning. thanks for waking up early with us on this weather alert day. >> it's been raining pretty hard overnight and that means most of the roads in our area are already wet. melissa mollet will have the
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forecast from chuck bell and sheena parveen. going to be rainy now. >> the hardest of the rain will be here right during the middle of the morning commute. leave early and plan to arrive late if you don't. it's a mess out there. >> yeah. the timing is not good. rain around right now. some of it is heavy especially around the beltway this morning. we've seen rain for a while. the roads are wet. this area off to the west and southwest, that is an area of storms. as it gets closer we expect it to be with heavy rain. the timing puts it near the district a little after 8:00 a.m. that's moving around 50 miles an hour. either way we'll keep seeing rain for the morning drive. everybody is seeing rain now. some areas light rain. yellows and oranges, heavy rain. rain extending
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fredericksburg. it is not good for the commune commute, melissa. >> it is not good for the cumulative morning commute. when we look at the beltway, once again we just got rid of one of the crashes, still have two problems on the beltway. inner loop at kennil loop avenue. eastbound 70 at 40 braddock heights. westbound 427 mount airy crash reported there. wanted to mention that for you. police activity in the district blocking the lanes here. benning road near east capitol street in southeast. continuing team coverage. we want to take you back outside. >> news 4's molette green is heading through stafford. are you seeing steady rain right now? >> reporter: yes,
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let's take a look at the traffic we're in. 95 north in the stafford area. as i said, the rain has slacked up a little bit. you still need your windshield wipers to be working quite well this morning. what i'm noticing. we're in traffic. kind of stopped here pretty much. people are driving too fast. chuck and cena have been warning us with this weather we need to take our time, get out early and slow down, first. safety first. >> molette, thank you. checking in with molette throughout the morning. in our other top story this morning, republicans still celebrating after the repeal of the affordable health care passed in the house. it's president trump's first major legislative win. the gop was able to pull out just enough votes from
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members of their party. coming up at news 4 why this victory may be short lived. miguel flores is accused of sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl back in 2015. he was a youth soccer coach. police think there may be more victims. megan mcgrath will explain what was found inside the charging documents. the wizards have another game at home this weekend. let's hope it's like last night. they crushed the boston celtics 116/89. right now montgomery county police are searching for this missing gaithersburg man. his name is hardi rexi tandaju. the plate information is at the bottom of your screen, 58959
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a southeast d.c. woman said she woke up to an attacker. you're about to hear from her. we are not showing her face and have altered her voice for safety reasons. >> violated, embarrassed. he choked me as i was laying in my bed. >> the woman lives in the marbury plaza apartments. she said someone left sexually explicit notes under her door. she filed reports but then the masked man broke in this saturday. >> i was forced to fight and defend myself. i was able to get him to stop attacking me and he got away. >> news 4 has reached out to the marbury apartments. we have not heard back. police urge anyone with information to call.
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back to court. he's accused of raping a 14-year-old student. the two boys exchanged messages plotting the attacks. keep an eye on the nbc app. >> six people died in a horrific lawsuit. now there is a class action lawsuit. the victims want compensation for injuries, medical bills and pain and suffering. they also want someone held accountable. you might remember when this happened last november an mta bus and school bus collided. secret software may be helping one of the district's most popular ride sharing companies play a cat and mouse game. >> according to the washington post uber used
5:37 am
helped them with transportation officials posing as a rider. the department of justice has launched a criminal investigation into uber. in the newsroom, i'm erika gonzalez. >> 5:37 now. summer in our area gets pretty hot. you know that. you won't find much relief getting into work. the glitch warming up metro stations all all mer long. >> you want the story. and we've been sugar free all week. you sent us a lot of questions and thoughts. today we're asking a nutritionist for answers. tweet them our way using
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> this morning we are looking at a new study that suggests racial bias could play a role in who gets hired to teach in fairfax county schools. >> researchers at george mason university looked at applicant data from 2012. they found white teachers made up 70% of applicants and received 77% of all jobs while
5:41 am
black teachers made up 13% of jobs and 6% of job offers even though they had advanced degrees and more experience. next week is teacher appreciation week. we would love to hear about the teachers you love and made a difference. send us photos and stories using #nbc4dc. disturbing allegations against a soccer coach. the accusations of abuse that led to his arrest on the field where he works. and an infant at the center of the newest airline battle caught on camera. why a family was forced off a flight over a young child's seat. >> good morning. it's 5:41 on a storm team 4 weather alert day. areas of moderate rain will be heavy rain between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m.
5:42 am
grab the umbrellas. temperatures eventually getting up into the 70s. you need the biggest umbrella. don't put the sweaters away. sheena has the ten day coming up. problems on the beltway right now first 4 traffic outer loop at georgetown. take a look at the backup. inner loop at eisenhower avenue connector. inner loop at 201
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34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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right now in "news 4 today," showers moving into our area. as you get ready to start your day, we have a storm team 4 forecast. youth soccer coach accused of touching a 7-year-old girl. police believe there may be other victims out there. live report coming up. and a cooling glitch will
5:46 am
commute. why it will be heating up inside a metro system all summer long. "news 4 today" starts now. 14 before the hour now. a man who ran a youth soccer team is facing charges. >> news 4's megan mcgrath is live with details. megan? >> reporter: well, good morning. the abuse allegedly happened in the summer of 2015. the girl was 7 years old at the time but she only just recently reported it to police. now 47-year-old miguel flores is the head soccer coach for the academy de football salvadorarena. he was arrested while he was coaching his team. that's the same field, the same soccer field that the allows allegedly happened.
5:47 am
the girl told investigators that flores would touch her under her shirt while the team ran laps. this happened several times. police believe it is possible there are other victims out there. they are asking parents who have concerns or suspicions. >> megan mcgrath live for us this morning. prosecutors angrily -- protesters welcome him back after the house narrowly passed the american health care act. it's his first time back since taking office. the president celebrated the house's win on twitter. it was a great day for the united states of america. this is a great plan that is a repeal and replace of obamacare make no mistake about it. this is the biggest step for republicans in their seven year crew aid against the
5:48 am
care act law. >> the victory could be short lived. edward lawrence is live. tell us what happens is it's going to go on and the senators are going to look at it. then it would go to a full senate vote probably within months, actually. it will take a very long time in committee. if this does not make it to the president's desk it could be another blemish. this is one much his campaign promises, he wanted to build a wall, repeal and replace obamacare, travel ban. these are some blemishes where his mandates have been held up or by the courts or democrats and republicans who aren't with him. >>
5:49 am
only 20 ep republicans did. she believes the statement reading about her goals on health care with better access to quality care and cover pre-existing limits. for a complete list on how they voted, head to our nbc 4 watching on app. the president is leaving in a couple of weeks. he'll start in saudi arabia and then head to the vatican. he'll have a nato meeting on the 25th and a g-7 meeting in sicily. the president can't to rally the world against terrorism and
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good morning, i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. a shooting in northeast. very little information to go on right now. i want to make you aware of this in case you see police activity in that area. this is on the 4600 block of benning road. police officers there on the scene. this is early in the investigation but right now it appears to be a shooting investigation. again, on the 4600 block of benning road. if you see police activity in that area, that's what this is about. it will happen here from the live desk. >> for the third straight year the chiller system at the dupont circle will not be working. probably remember how hot those stations were during the height of summer last year. metro says they will rent equipment to cool the stations. they've been trying to fix
5:51 am
several times but it hasn't -- >> those planning to celebrate cinco de mayo, there is a plan to get home. there are free lyft rides to get home. use the promo code cinco dc. if you miss the offer, sober ride will still take you home but may charge you a small fee. >> don't take the risk. >> we can't have any margaritas, but we can have guacamole. >> me, too. >> now you're making me hungry. there is some heavy rain on the radar this morning. it is not going to be a nice commute. that's why we have a weather alert out this morning.
5:52 am
yellows, oranges and reds. frederick moving around the beltway. heavy rain prince george's county. right around alexandria, more heavy rain and towards fredericksburg, quantico all see heavy rain. we've been seeing this for a while. the roads are very slippery. we're watching this area of very heavy rain. severe storms making their way to the east and northeast. if they hold together they'll be around the district. moving at about 45 miles an hour. they will be getting near fredericksburg. a glad warning is out. that means we're seeing flooding likely in these areas.
5:53 am
the yellow coloring. pretty far to our south. it shows you how strong the line is. we still have the heavy rain around lunchtime we should see improvements. chance of showers into the afternoon. saturday and sunday, cooler with a chance of showers. let's check the roads on a very wet friday. >> outer loop at old georgetown road, we had the crash blocking a couple of lanes. now it sounds like they have them flipped around and on the shoulder. looks like it's getting letter. let's hope that's still the case. still have the crash on the holder. two problems in the district, single out at the mill road and then benning road and east castle
5:54 am
activity that we were just hearing from the live desk i don't see the white here. top of the beltway not so bad this morning. 66 in bound, 95 also all right right now. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. they're calling it bad customer service. >> making its rounds on social media. >> i have two infants, nowhere to stay, no more flights. what are we supposed to do, sleep in the airport? >> the sheer family says they were kicked off from maui to 2:00. in the video you can hear the flight attendant tell the family it's fah a
5:55 am
under for kids to sit in their lap. what happened next frustrated and shocked the parents. >> if you don't give this to us, you're going to jail. >> when you're a mother and they threaten to take your kids away from you, it makes your heart drop. >> delta has reached out to them. they say children under the age of 2 could travel in a seat, the sheerers did have a car seat. if you've ever looked for parking, you never hear anyone say there's too much parking. they want to eliminate 10 spots. the city council agreed and took away the spaces. >> we should have enough parking for what
5:56 am
over building parking is a waste of land and it tends to encourage people to drive. >> they're not discouraging driving but there are other means of transportation to cut down on traffic. the city has to strike a balance on the number of appropriate spaces. here's a new way to entertain the kids once the school gets out. woodland obstacle line park. the new park is in conjunction with go april adventure company. one is designed just for kids. trek can cost between 12
5:57 am
you might not need as much if you bought bombay gin. ba card did i said it happened when they were switching from one bottling tank to another. >> there will be a run. we've been telling you about our sugar free challenge. today it's your turn. >> you've been asking us questions. ahead at 6:00 the food scientist is here with the answers. and we continue our super kids series. this is one incredible young man. the self-taught prodigy. team coverage on the wet roads. molette green has what you should expect for your friday morning commute.
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> a friday forecast full of rain with team coverage breaking down how long it will last and a live look at your commute. new video from a dangerous fire. firefighter hospitalized trying to take down these flames. >> three
6:00 am
>> all right! the wizards pull off a big win. a brutal battle. washington has the win we were hoping for. this game was rough. seven technical fouls called. three players were ejected. what a game. >> getting rough. desperate times. >> we had to win that one, too. >> good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilcrist. first we want to get to the busy radar image on this weather alert day. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> mother nature is getting ready to do to us what mother nature did. >> a shot and a quick elbow. >> the friday morning commute has been elbowed in


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